Eng. Tarek El Molla​

The Egyptian Petroleum Sector is one of the most significant economic sectors in Egypt and is regarded as the cornerstone of the economic development plans and programs of the State in light of its role in providing the required energy to implement these plans.

There is no doubt that the vital and strategic role of the Petroleum Sector is to meet the local market requirements of petroleum products and working on its revival as a source of foreign currency. The Petroleum Sector demands hard and resilient performance by its workers with a new perception that go in line with building the new Egypt. The challenges are huge and require our joint efforts to implement the Ministry of Petroleum's ambitious strategy in the whole value chain of the oil and gas industry.  In fact, the strategy has begun to bear its fruit recently, as the Sector has been able to shift from being a service sector into a productive one. Production has begun to flow from the lands and seas of Egypt and the pace of development has accelerated along with the implementation of major projects in the refining industry, to upgrade existing refineries as well as constructing some new production units to increase domestic production of high quality petroleum products and improve its efficiency, to conform with the international standards.  In addition, we work on developing the infrastructure of pipelines and storage depots to meet the changes witnessed by the rapid growth in oil and gas activities. Based on the fact that, the Petroleum Sector's human resources are one of the most important productive elements and they represent the main driving force of its progress, we have given it special concern in order to raise their efficiency and prepare them through training to get ready to face future challenges and set them to be leaders, that are capable of carrying out the responsibilities of petroleum operations.

Actually, the development and modernization program of the Petroleum Sector, currently in progress, will ultimately take the Sector forward to advance according to the global standards of the petroleum industry.

Additionally, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is responsible to launch Mining activity and develop the required work mechanisms in this crucial domain in order to take its right position as a major source of the national income. Therefore, the Ministry has turned these  directions into actual steps through the modernization program of the Mining Sector in Egypt together with setting a road map that puts the work priorities over the next phase, which will positively affect the optimal exploitation of the Mineral Resources that Egypt posses . Hence, this will maximize the return on these activities in the State’s national income, particularly, as Egypt has the capability to go forward with this industry, launching Egypt's Mining potential.