​​​​​​1- Egyptian Company for mineral resources


Name :Egyptian company for mineral resources

Address : 3 Salahsalem street , Abbasia , Cairo

Tel.  : 202 674 4515 / 674 4571 / 674 4563

Fax :202 485 0679

  • About :

Egyptian Company for Mining resources was established in May 2003 with a view to exploring and exploiting, producing and marketing

... Services in Egypt, both internally and externally in order to participate in Raise the level of the economy

  • Activities :

- Promotion of investment of mineral resources  internally and externally.

- Production, manufacturing and marketing, sale and export of mining services.

- Contribution and participation of people with public or private legal persons or individuals in the establishment of joint ventures.

- Preparation of feasibility studies for private consulting projects ...

- The implementation of the search for mineral ores.

- Conduct training programs and provide technical and technical support for the mining operations ores.

- Provide all data and information and technical assistance services to companies in the field of mining.

2-Shalateen Mining Company


About shalateen

  • Vision:

To emerge from the position of domestic firm to leading global player in the mining sector by adopting best practices starting from the mine to market with due care to environmental and social dimension.

  • Mission:

To develop and constantly upgrade a base mineral resource and mining portfolio that provides leading returns for our partners by applying the following:

- Generating a steady stream of development opportunities

- Having a strong balance sheet

- Maximising value of existing potentialsa

- Maintaining ultimate transparency

- Adopting HSE standards

  • Responsibilities:

    Attract national, Arab and international investments in mining
    Setting mining policies and strategies
    Setting the needed plans to develop mining sector and increase the added value
    Setting different mining systems (example small investor systems)
    Setting a scheme for the regulatory systems, licensing system, follow-up and agreements/contracts systems
    Developing required guiding manuals
    Recommending modifications in laws and regulations regarding mining.

  • Website:


Address Info:
3 salah salem street , Abbasia , Cairo
Phone: +201228282454
FAX: +20226828013
Email: info@shalateenmining.com

3- Hammash Misr For Gold Mines


Hammash Misr

Hammash Misr For Gold Mines (HMGM) is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company established, in the year 2002 at equal share of 50% of the Capital Stock, between “The Egyptian Geological survey And Mining Authority “and the American Company “Cresset International Ltd.” ; according to the concession Agreement – issued by the Egyptian Law no. (2) For the year 1999 – for Exploration and Exploitation of Gold and associated minerals in some localities in the Eastern desert of Egypt.

In 2004, The name “The Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority” has been replaced by the name “The Egyptian General Mining Resources Authority – EMRA”. In 2007, “Cresset International Ltd” has relinquished its full of share and according by all of its rights and obligations – as per the concession agreement – to “Matz Holdings Ltd.”, which has been established according to Cyprus Law.


According to HMGM establishment contact, The Company is acting as an agent, through which, the share holders can carry out and conduct the development, exploitation, and marketing operations that are required in accordance with the provisions of the concession agreement. It will act, also, as the agent to carry out and conduct exploration operations after the date of the commercial discovery.

HMGM is subject to all laws and regulations in force in the A.R.E.  to the extent that such are not in consistent with the provisions of the concession agreement and the establishment contact.




4- Al Sukari Gold Mines Company



About ِAl Sukari Gold Mines :

On 12/04/1994 Law No. 222 of 1994 to authorize the Minister of Industry and Mineral resources  in the contract with the Geological Survey and the company Pharaonic Australian gold mines to search for gold and associated minerals .

After the transfer of the mineral resources of the subordination of the Ministry of Petroleum in October 2004 the company Pharaonic applied to settle the dispute and arbitration International amicably.

The dispute was settled and the international arbitration in February 2005.

In May 2005 the company was set up operations under the name "Sukari gold mine company" franchise area of 2 160 km south-west of MarsaAlam city about 25 km.

5-Phosphate Misr Company



About Phosphate Misr company :

Misr Phosphate S.A.E., a governmental joint stock company, that produces high-grade phosphate
rock (25%<P2O5<31%) with production capacity of 5 million tons/year operating through "Abu
Tartour reserve", one of the largest phosphate reserves in the world.

For information:

E-mail info@phosphatemisr.com

Website http://phosphatemisr.com/


6- Al Wadi Al Gadid for mineral resources & oil shale


Name :  Al Wadi Al Gadid for mineral resources & oil shale

Address :Abd El Hamid Hassan street from  Ahmed Abo El Ela street – Nasr city – Cairo

Web –site :http://www.wadico.net

E – mail :info@wadico.net


Tel. : 002022758502

About :

Established in May 2007 as one of the Egyptian oil sector companies.

Our activities related to exploration to find mineral resources, raw materials and minerals and oil shale, including the exploitation of the fifty, and treatment of any industrial process done on raw materials.